CowlPortraitHello and welcome to my blog.

This is me and, as you can see, I am a real person and not a pink knitted pig. Sorry if any of you are disappointed!

I’m very fortunate to make my living from doing what I love – designing and making mainly hand-knitting and crochet projects, occasionally cross-stitch, sewing and craft projects for magazines, publishers, craft companies and yarn manufacturers.

I’ve written a few books on hand-knitting and you can find details of them and other examples of my published work here.

I was taught to knit at the age of five by my Gran and I can still vividly remember the short red plastic needles and pale blue wool. I spent my childhood and teens knitting, sewing, making and drawing and always wanted to be a designer of some sort.

Following a year’s foundation course in art and design I did a degree in constructed textile design (knit and weave) at Manchester Metropolitan University. After graduating I returned to Leicestershire and worked as a designer in the knitwear manufacturing, spinning and needlecraft industries before going freelance in May 2008.


I live in a village not far from the town I grew up in with my husband, our two sons and a black cat.

Living in an all male household – even the cat’s male – I like to surround myself with pretty things and I have a real passion for retro and vintage fabric, Hornsea pottery and ’60’s and ’70’s coffee pots and kitchenalia. I also hoard yarn (of course!), buttons, ribbons, fabrics and threads.


My blog is about the things I design and make and the things I love. So grab a cuppa – mine’s a de-caff Earl Grey in a big mug – make yourself at home, have a little read, say hello and thank you for stopping by.

Zoë xx




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